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Posted by David Taylor on 03/09/2015 14:20

Our Guest of Honour Club Chairman Guy Bailey opened the event on Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August by presenting coaching certificates to all our junior player who attended coaching sessions at the club during the summer.

Then Guy presented trophies to winners in various categories.

Under-15 Batter – Aidan Van Der Heiden
Under-15 Bowler – Jake Summers
Under-13 Batter and Bowler – Ferdi Van Der Heiden
Under-11 Batter – Archie Piggott
Under-11 Bowler – Harvey Ward
Under-9 Batter – Archie Armstrong
Under-9 Bowler – Max Bird
Girls’ Batter – Isabella Morris
Girls’ Bowler – Genevieve Morris
Most Improved Players of the Year – Tom Prosser and Beth Costin
Managers’ & Coaches’ Award Winners – Oliver Middleton, Albie Cornwell and Isla Rowlands
Junior Champagne Moment Winner – Tom Magill
(Nominations for the Junior Champagne Moment were received for Henry Morris, Lydia Balloch, Max Philp, Isobel Paterson and Harvey Ward.)

Words of thanks were  given for those who helped provide cricket for our junior players. They were:-
Team Managers and their assistants: Chris Cribley, Stephen Thompson, Colin Hughes, David Hicks Beach and Rachael Mundy.
Coaches: Kevin Smart, Keith Chapman, Alan Carr, Richard Cowley, Will Bowers, David Taylor and James Skinner.
Coach Support Workers: Sam Walker, Kevin Lynch, Dan Godwin, Oliver Holland, Laurence Lynch, Jon Gardiner, James Alborough, David Hughes, Laura Paterson, Freddie Nuttall, Charlie Bailey, Colin Hughes Paul Fisher, Stephen Thompson, Christian Thompson and Zach Collins.
Cricket Activators (teenagers who went on a coaching course in 2014) and coached the children from School Years 1 and 2: Jack Carr, Will Chapman, Callum Paton, Scott Mounty and Aidan Van Der Heiden.
Friday Night Bar Staff: Organiser Alan Alborough and his team of eight people. And Kevin Smart who manages the bar and always makes sure it was properly stocked.
Ground Staff: Lee Clarke and Del Townsend.

Cricket Activator Certificate Winners for 2015 were presented to the Chairman, Guy Bailey – Ethan Walker, Ed Miller, Ben Wheeler and Alex Griffith.
Three members who successfully passed an Association of Cricket Officials Introduction to Umpiring Course were presented with certificates – Oliver Holland, Will Chapman and Colin Hughes.
Teenagers who played in adult cricket teams for the first time this summer received Debutants Caps from Guy. – Ethan Walker, Zach Collins, Isobella Morris and Joscelyn Moore.